Jargon Watch – Ikea Effect

Ikea Effect n. Feelings of pride for an object that has been self-assembled.(WIREDUK 02.12 p32)

In this short but punchy post, I wonder what the church might learn from the Ikea Effect? How much of your church services, events or whatever are organised by just one person or a small team who do everything?

I’m a big fan of participation and this should include the planning stages of whatever it is that’s being organised. I think people may well get a much greater sense of satisfaction from church if they had assembled it themselves.

I think top down leadership and small committees are dead – long live the Ikea Effect.

{Ikea Effect can also refer to consumers seeing cheap furniture as disposable and simply binning theirs every couple of years. I don’t think this is environmentally friendly and would encourage people to purchase longer lasting furniture where possible}


  1. Yeah I like this post – I am having difficulty becoming a real active part of my church – I’m more of an occasional Sunday person but would really like to be more involved, yet my church has said I can’t be more involved unless I attend more on a Sunday – its a bit of a chicken and egg stalemate at the moment!

    But with that moan out of the way I did like the form a previous church of mine took (which, due to other reasons, I don’t feel I can return to) which is having Task Groups (yes, they were a kind of committee, but every church member was encouraged to join a Task group in addition to a home group). I found this was a great way of getting people involved.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Task Groups sound like a great way to get people involved, if they are doing something practical then I don’t think they are like a committee! thanks for following the blog.

      1. Thanks noahsapprentice.

        I have to apologise for my moan – it is a case where I am finding “getting on-board” difficult, but moaning on another’s blog isn’t the right way to go about it! Sorry.

        It does, however, bring up an important subject and maybe it could be a future blog post by someone: how do we most effectively cross-pollinate between churches? The Task group and its accompanying Famiy group (which was an very effective form of Home group) model was great (and I’m sure, still is) at my previous church, so the question is, how do I then help my current church move beyond the traditional form of passive church attendance?

        Ideas such as your blog post are great, but we do need to develop a way of bringing such ideas into the more formal churches without causing division or ending up detracting from some of the very valuable forms of the traditional churches.

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