Top 10 Friday – classic children’s toys

these are the toys I want my children to have – how nostalgic.

A slingshot is possibly not the most productive of toys but it kept me amused for hours in the local woods.

plastic toy soldiers – what a classic.

matchbox cars! (is this beginning to seem a little boy centric?)

Marbles got banned from my school playground, I still have the emotional scars.

I’ve just restarted a Lego collection, timeless.

there we go, something for girls and boys – the kaleidoscope.

I really really loved the plastic Brontosaurus I was bought when we visited the Natural History Museum.

I actually still have the toy boat I was given as a child, it has a small ‘J’ written in the corner of the sail to differentiate it from my two brother’s boats.

I don’t remember having a real tin robot when I was little but I think everyone should have one in their house somewhere.

and last but not least, the quintessential spinning top, a staple item in every 80s playschool.

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