Top 10 Friday – ways to travel

in no particular order…

(other than the 10th one as it hasn’t actually been invested yet).

an old motorbike – preferably in Africa which has been pieced together by someone with minimal skills, THRILLING

we always used to holiday on narrow boats (or canal boats) when I was a kid, not fast but great fun at the locks.

never actually made it onto a hot air balloon but I recon it must be awesome.

CLASSIC – old school home made go carts… I’ve had a few bruises from these let me tell you.

Emirates – I cannot tell you how good the service is on their flights, really – try it.

There’s just something about having a hire car that is better than your own that I really like.

Many hours of my childhood were spent building up the courage to head down concrete stairs on one of these.

bit geeky really but I love to travel on an old steam train.

The humble sledge – works better in Canada.

why has no one actually designed a hoverboard yet? come on people.

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