Digital fly on the wall

Now, I’m not saying that people are not listened to in churches…

well – I am really, but perhaps this technology could change the way churches work so they are more positively influenced by what the congregation are saying.

Bluefin Labs have come up with a cunning piece of technology that is basically a digital fly on the wall.

Deb Roy, director of the cognitive machines group at MIT’s Media Lab installed cameras and mics throughout his house to study how his new-born son Dwayne learnt language. Hours of video were converted into ‘space time worms’, non moving objects were made transparent leaving ‘events’ that moved. These events were correlated with what was being said at the time…

What’s really cool is that they have taken that idea and adapted the technology to tell TV networks and advertisers what people are saying about their products. They are doing this by correlating thousands of tweets, blogs and facebook updates to what people are watching.

I think this would be terribly revealing for some churches but I guess we’ll have to get over the ‘tweeting in church’ issues first? Perhaps denominational heads could utilise this technology to gain a better idea of what people really think?

On second thoughts – you’d really only be getting the opinions of digitally savvy members of the congregation…

hmmm – perhaps that is who we should be listening to?

I’ll stop there.

thoughts welcome.


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