Conscientious Consumption

I’m guessing that my church isn’t the only one to have signed up to be a ‘fair trade parish’? yours too! excellent.

However, I do wonder to what extent having a paper certificate on the notice board really makes a difference. I’ve noticed a dreadful lack of fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits in our cupboards and It just goes to show that unless someone is championing an agenda then people will generally not pay attention for long.

Conscientious consumption is not just about fairtrade bananas with the well-known logo on…


All sorts of companies have begun to adopt the ‘one for one’ principle pioneered by Blake Mycoskie of Tom’s Shoes. Since 2006, for every pair of slip ons purchased from Tom’s Shoes, they have sent another pair to a child in need. This example has grown into a movement, a desire for conscientious consumerism.

Fig Ties  gives a school uniform to a child in the developing world for EVERY tie sold!

Roma Boots has dropped more than 2000 pairs of boots to street kids and orphans in eastern europe.

Warby Parker have distributed over 85’000 pairs of glasses across more than 25 countries

other companies are distributing condoms, nutrition packs, clean water, solar-powered torches and meals to thousands of people in need all over the world.

You may not be interested in any of those products but what would it look like if we adopted a one for one attitude to our leisure time?

  • What would your community look like if you spent as long helping clean up the streets as you did in front of the TV?
  • What could we do in our world if we spent one week on mission for every week we took on holiday?
  • What would happen if we invited our neighbours over for a meal for every time we got a take away?
  • What would happen if we gave an equal amount to charity that we spent on hiring / buying films or playing computer games?


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