exploring new ways to do gatherings

the concept for anewloom came from discussions at a conference – a traditional conference that had expert speakers, seminars, breakout sessions and an average lunch in a pretty average environment. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for this sort of conference with its up front presentations and academic feel to proceedings but what I learnt from the discussions that day was the following;

  • people enjoyed having time to get to know people and discuss collaborative projects
  • people wanted more time to explore a topic rather than hear about it
  • people needed a better lunch
  • people enjoyed the panel discussions but would have prefered less of a Q&A style
  • people aren’t bothered by ‘experts’ anymore
  • people wanted to see a variety of work that people were doing

I followed this up with a piece of online research, a survey to get people’s opinions on what they would prefer to do – the results are summarised on the anewloom website.

In a #digidisciple post I worte for @bigbible, I explored this further – you can check it out HERE

since writing that post i have done some more research and found that many people have been exploring this stuff for years – it’s just the church seems to be behind the times (again). What I hope to do with this blog is share some of the ways other people are doing gatherings and eventually give some feedback on how it’s worked for us.

Please do let me know if you have had experience of any alternative ways to do gatherings, I’d be delighted to find some other people to post to this blog.

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