Jargon Watch – L33t

L33t (Leet)  n. ‘Elite’ – to be skilled at or well-versed in the internet.

I fondly first remember hearing this term while watching the 1995 classic ‘Hackers’ starring Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie. Elite is a term which back then was reserved for the super cool geeks who hacked corporate firewalls but now it seems to be filtering through to other areas such as gaming and even non-computing groups.

I wonder whether there are things we would consider ourselves to be L33t at? Perhaps it would be better to ask the people we work with or a trusted friend to tell us?

I think the church needs to recognise people’s skills and talents, not so we can abuse their spare time by getting them to do us lots of favours but because they are God given.

The final scene of Hackers (SPOILER ALERT) sees many individuals pulling together to thwart the bad guys. Wouldn’t it be cool to have churches full of motivated volunteers and staff who recognise their gifts and work as a team to get stuff done?

The other day i was having a moan during a meeting about the fact we only seem to encourage leadership ability – leadership of youth, leadership of church, leadership of worship – these are the workshops, conferences and resources we are providing, what about all the other gifts? perhaps we should organise L33t Fest – a weekend of recognising and being thankful for ALL the skills and talents God has blessed us with.

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