that fuzzy feeling inside

I’m talking about that feeling you get when you share something, you know, that fuzzy feeling inside that’s a bit warm and happy and exciting. It’s the feeling you get when you share your last Rolo or give away some loveheart sweets. It’s not just about giving confectionary to people you fancy though is it? You get the same feeling when you share a good story or find someone with a WiFi hotspot on a train.

Three have just launched their £40 WiFi hub which allows you to plug-in a USB modem (such as a 3G Dongle) and create a 30m WiFi hotspot for 5 connections. This could revolutionise the crappy signal we tend to get at conferences but might also be a way to start a conversation with that nice girl across the carriage from you before offering them your last Rolo.

I’ve found a couple of interesting psychology terms that might help us to think about sharing. Prosocial behaviour is a pattern of activity and might include sharing, comforting, rescuing or helping. It differs from altruism which is the motivation to help someone out of a pure regard for their needs because there is a degree of recognised personal gain. I wonder how often we engage in prosocial behaviour because it makes us look good or because we fancy the girl on the train rather than altruistic behaviour through a heartfelt regard for someone’s need?

Anyway – whatever the reason for doing so, go get one of these hubs and start sharing the love.

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