what the church might learn from the Yamaha PDX-11

So, after a break over the Christmas Season – re:wired church is back looking at how the church engages with technology and science (or should / could engage anyway). I have slightly broadened my base of research to include publications on gadgets and also a couple of new websites so hopefully I’ll find some really interesting ideas to share with you.

First up for 2012 is a short post based on an item I saw for sale in a magazine lately – the Yamaha PDX-11.






This iPod speaker system is advertised as ‘The No-Nonsense iPod Dock’ and for £100 it fares well against some of the more ‘sit it on your mantle piece’ docks out there right now. It’s a tough and practical piece of kit yet affordable and aesthetically pleasing (yes I realise aesthetically pleasing is in the eye fo the beholder…)

It got me thinking about whether our churches are quite as robust? Do we do enough that is practical or are we too caught up in looking pretty and sounding professional? I know there is a huge range of what we might consider an aesthetically pleasing church building but I’ve definitely visited some I wouldn’t be too excited to get married in.

It also got me thinking about what price we put on being a member of our church? are we truly affordable to everyone or are the ‘cheap’ or ‘overly expensive’ members of our community put off? I had an interesting conversation the other day about the belong, believe, behave model and how it is very easy to see it as linear rather than something people need to embrace the whole concept of – I guess my question is whether we truly advertise what we are about or if we perhaps water it down slightly and say ‘but isn’t it pretty’ to get people through the door?

Also available in Blue, Black or White (and only needing 6 AA Batteries) the PDX-11 is ready to get out there, in 2012, is your church as ready to make some noise?

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