Creative Chaos #29

Apologies for the lack of creative chaos last week! here’s some of the projects that have been keeping me busy…

Enter the Pitch Competition

I’m in the final 20 of this year’s enter the pitch competition with my pitch for ‘beyond measure’ a story of love and loyalty based on the Book of Ruth in the Bible.

The Nativity Factor

I’ve also entered ITN’s ‘Nativity Factor‘ telling the christmas story through cards and carols… you can vote for me!

1) head to

2) log into facebook from that page

3) vote for ‘Cards & Carols’ by James Robinson

The Littlest Star

“The littlest star” is the story of one little star and one very big night. Written by local author and Baptist Minister Richard Littledale, it had its first public reading at an event for local families last week. The little story with a surprising twist in its tail has wowed adults and children alike.

Richard is now looking for people to be part of a Christmas miracle. He is looking for local sponsors to get the story printed in time for Christmas. The little books could then be sold with every penny going to Shooting Star Chase Hospice in Hampton.

And now – back to our normal programme


Fantasy Art – love it. It’s like the best parts of UK cathedrals hashed together and put in Middle Earth.

Christian Art

In a new series – I will be looking at some of the classical religious artists.

This detail from Michelangelo’s ‘God creating Adam’ always reminds me that our creativity flows from the fact we are created int he image of the ultimate creator.


one of my favourite instagram photos of the year…

Hotel Design

The Jumeirah Vittaveli – Bolifushi Island, The Maldives

apparently the 15th most expensive hotel int he world.


Just  a thought…

Did I also miss November’s end of the month post? BLAST.

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