want to control your social network?

Apparently there’s an algorithm for it. One that Jean-Jacques Slotine of MIT plus Yang-Yu Liu and Albert-Laszlo Barabasi from Northeastern University, Boston have managed to develop (WIRED UK 09.11 p21).

This picture shows a visual representation by Mauro Martino of 800’000 slashdot users and Slotin say that “a small number of individuals has real influence but these aren’t the most popular people – it’s not obvious who the influential ones are”.

Mauro Martino has a number of other excellent projects that visually depict networks of human interaction – worth checking out on his website.

What I’m interested in is the fact the most popular people aren’t always the most influential, isn’t that highlighted in our churches and by Jesus himself?

What is it that we are trying to control and how are we doing it?

perhaps it’s worth considering whether we are being Christlike in our social media interactions or whether we’re more like the Sadducees, pharisees or just onlookers.

I’ve been talking a lot about Klout on twitter this week and i wonder what our motivations are for having more and more online influence? Is it to make us feel good – does it fulfill a strange hunger for power or make us feel needed? I think we have to be incredibly careful on how we choose to be influential and make sure it’s always in a positive way.

If you want some guidelines for online engagement then take a look at @digitalnun‘s 10 rules as shared at #cnmac11.


  1. Klout is just a game, like a heady combo of top trumps, monopoly and swapsies. It appears that very few of of the genuine influencers really bother with it. Fancy a game of Klout?

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