The future of musical worship

At #cnmac11 @vickybeeching mentioned that Bjork (how do you get an umlaut on wordpress?) has released an album as a series of Apps. This is an incredibly creative way to use digital media and goes someway to combat the music piracy that is destroying the industry. “It’s fitting that Bjork’s first app album uses technology to address natural themes” says WIRED UK 08.11 p95. Perhaps Bjork has succeeded in bringing together two disparate categories in a way the church is yet to succeed with digital media?

Veteran DJ Carl Cox is sending people a flash drive that connects to a website which periodically updates his latest album.











I wonder when the church will wake up to the fact that the music industry is changing the way it handles music so they follow suit? On her blog Vicky Beeching has posted ‘what if show church was never God’s idea‘, an interesting discussion on whether the way we ‘do worship’ is way off track. I think there are many ways that digital media could be developed for church use but surely musical worship is a good place to start considering that’s what the industry are doing?

Questions to consider while listening to Vicky Beeching’s ‘Eternity Invades’ album downloaded legally from itunes.

  • how does your church use music in its services?
  • are there more creative ways that music could be incorporated into your church?
  • does this post actually have a point? (I’m not sure it does)
  • what IS the future for musical worship?
  • is anyone doing something different and creative they want to share about?


      1. But I don’t buy music anymore, I subscribe to Spotify for £10 a month and the Artists receive royalties … hopefully.

        Which is one way the music industry is changing that Christian Artists and Labels need to continue to engage with. I was loving Spirit Break Out on Spotify, then it was suddenly removed. So my view of Worship Central has gone down significantly (and I have asked them several times on Twitter why!)

        Equally if I am looking for a song for a homegroup reflection, I am just as likely to hunt the huge back catalog of tracks available – so older songs can still earn royalties.

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