Jargon Watch – Gwap

Collaboration is the future.

GWAP happens to be using collaboration to help computers learn stuff and is described as (Wired UK 08/11 p32);

Gwap n. An online game where players contribute to the solution of a large-scale problem by completing tasks.

The website states that when you play a game at Gwap, you aren’t just having fun. You’re helping the world become a better place. By playing our games, you’re training computers to solve problems for humans all over the world.

Having read a bit further, this is a pretty big claim considering the databases they are working with (image tagging etc) but my opening sentance still holds true. The more people (particularly creative people) I speak to, the more I hear the words; partnership, collaboration and cooperation.

Wouldn’t it be good if churches, para-church organisations and people who have left those groups out of frustration could finally come together and work towards a common goal? I believe digital media has given us a better chance than ever before to TRY and make a concerted effort towards collaborative thinking. We have the tools, let’s make it happen.

Questions to ask yourself

  • what does Gwap teach us about how we learn and how we use technology?
  • what does it look like for us to collaborate?
  • what projects have we done that show it works better to collaborate?
  • what digital media is helping us to have the conversations that matter?
  • what technology is helping us to work together at a distance?

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