desirable stay?

What’s your customer service like?

Are your welcome team all members of the blue rinse brigade with hearts in the right place but who would rather not have to talk to anyone who hasn’t been a member since a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth?

I think customer satisfaction is really important, even more so if you claim to be about your non-members over those who turn up each week. Is there anything that churches can learn from the new unhotel trend that’s hit London?

Luxury tourism company one fine stay are pushing the limits of customer service by renting out top quality empty private homes in London. But the real kick is that they provide you with amazing linen and toiletries as well as an iPhone with free local calls and videos containing tips as well as room service from local restaurants.

I think we need to step up our game.

Questions to ignore as you drool over the properties on the onefinestay website

  • is your building up to scratch? is it inviting, comfortable and friendly?
  • what is your customer service like? how do you get feedback from your ‘customers’?
  • do you offer a bespoke/changing service or a generic one people will get bored with?
  • when did you last provide your congregation with decent room service? (Quiche does not count)
  • are you providing the best possible experience with helpful extras?

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