Creative Chaos #19


I’m sure many of you know about the stock image company Getty Images. They have a cool new way to sell their products called the moodstream. You can choose the mood you are in (or looking for) and it pushes out  images, video and audio that fit your choice of mood.


slightly different take on God and Adam.


This amazing photo of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala was taken by Tom Robinson who has travelled all over the place taking equally brilliant photos.


I’m looking forward to the new Sherlock Holmes movie which continues to have a steampunk edge to it. The costumes in the first movie weren’t very ‘punked’ but there are people who spend a vast amount of time and money on creating intricate victorian costumes and then adding all the cogs and whatnot that go with the aesthetic.

Product Design

this is cool but where the hell are you going to put it, your living room would need to be HUGE.

Clothing Design

Noahs Nanny Goat Clothing



definitely not enough star wars references on this blog, must do something about that.

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