mood inspired worship

In a previous post (see here) I talked about using gladvertising technology to provide tailored bible study notes but what would it be like to have ‘on tap’ worship resources that are tailored to your mood? I’m not talking just about music (worship = music is a bit 90s), I mean pictures, video and audio.

Getty Images is one of the biggest stock photography websites in the world but you probably know that because you’re not one of these naughty people who steal anything they fancy off google image search are you? In the last couple of years, Getty Images have expanded to include video and audio in their collections and I’ve just found their Moodstream website which is awesome. Obviously it’s just a clever way to sell their products but the way it works is really interesting.

you can choose on a sliding scale between happy & sad, calm & lively, humourous & serious, nostalgic & contemporary and warm & cool (or use the presets) and it pumps out a series of pictures, video and music that fits the settings.

As someone who feels there is a vast lack of visuals in church, perhaps this sort of thing could be used in the background at services or even changed throughout depending on the mood of different sections of the service?

I assume the 6 presets have been researched in terms of what people are generally looking for on the website and I wonder how close they are to what people are looking for in church? Hovering over the icons gives the following explanations;

Stabalize: Reliable. Constant. Inviting. It reminds you everything is ok.

Inspire: Beautiful and surprising moments with the promise of the unexpected.

Excite: A combination of strength and energy, this setting keeps you moving.

Refresh: Happy. Calm. That place you go when you need to relax.

Intensify: A setting with heat that illuminates everything around it.

Simplify: Sometimes you just need a little less clutter. Think cool, modern and open.

Questions to ponder

  • would you use something like this is church?
  • would you use it if it had worship music and religious images?
  • what ‘preset’ does your church cater for?
  • how quickly can we get this up and running?

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