video killed the radio star

Video killed the radio star – and did it nearly 30 years ago…

So why is it that churches have continued to use purely audio based presentations for the majority of its work? Obviously sunday school has been using pictures and flannel graph for years but it seems video is a rare addition to your average sunday service which is odd as there are so many visual learners in society.

online video is big business and it’s something the church needs to be engaged in. I have a youtube account and upload videos that advertise projects I’m involved in (check this out). It’s a great way to back up your poster campaigns or even your weekly notices.

You may never have heard of Sarah Evershed (Wired UK 07/11 p76) but she is making a bunch of cash by managing the media cloud, an agency that secures real world deals for established web celebs. Web talent is invading Hollywood and we need to be onboard.

@benarment is a US based creative who is currently fundraising for a big new film project ‘four stones’ based on David and Goliath. The concept is to get 1000 people / groups to sign up (and pay for) a premiere – interested? check out 1000 premieres.

Questions to consider

  • how are the church, para-church or Christian individuals using online video?
  • how can we use this form of media to impact our communities and the wider world?
  • with so many big companies founded on Christian values (Disney etc), how can we cash in?
  • do you think my plan for an MC St. Thom-o youtube channel is a goer ?
  • what is going to kill the video star?

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