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There’s lots of discussion about tweeting in church at the minute (see @vickybeeching‘s CyberSoul post) but I wonder what else we could be doing with apps in the church environment?

At Greenbelt this year I was part of the iMass collective that delivered a service exploring digital media as a theme and participatory tool in a common worship service. iPad apps were used to create an atmosphere both visually and through audio and also as a way to respond to the scriptures. Most of  the people that attended the service had seen it discussed on twitter and facebook before the actual festival and it got me thinking about whether the church has lost the art of networking?

36 year old entrepreneur and encephalitis survivor Michelle Gallen (Wired UK 07/11 p44) was at a TED event when she realised there was a need for an app that helps you to network. She and her husband created Shhmooze which won an App of the Year award at the mobile world congress in Barcelona last November.

If nothing else, Shhmooze could be used at big church conferences or synods to find people with similar interests or opinions.

Questions to consider

  • how can the church use technology to network more effectively?
  • how could apps such as shhmooze help to create more collaborative working opportunities?
  • could we use this technology for the peace if there’s ever another outbreak of bird flu?
  • is this likely to be used as a christian dating app?
  • can we use the word ‘shhmooze’ in scrabble?

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