Creative Chaos #18 (#story11 special)


So, STORY is a conference happening in Chicago this week that I would love to have attended but for many reasons can’t get to (mostly work and the 3793 miles).


They have an amazing website with loads of information on this couple of days for ‘the creative class’. This is just the home page – how sexy is that?

I have collected some images based on the work of some of the speakers, ENJOY!


He’ll be at STORY. Enough said.


Esther Havens is a humanitarian photographer, I only wish I took photos this good in Tanzania…

Kyle Cooper has probably designed more movie title sequences than you can name movies… he is at the top of his game.

some of my favourites are Tropic Thunder, Ironman 2 and Tron Legacy


Jon and James Duke release great music as ‘All the Bright Lights‘. this is the artwork from their latest single.

Clothing Design

Tom Ryan is the CEO of Threadless, a cool t-shirt printing company. ‘Skydiver’ is one of my favourites.


Sadly there is nothing funny about not being able to make it to STORY but check back next week for another picture that will make you smile and possibly even giggle.

PS: I’ve just started a new blog ‘re:wired church‘ if you fancy checking it out.

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