Jargon Watch – Gladvertising

Traditional and Digital forms of advertising have been merging for a couple of years. QR codes and apps such as iAds have led the way but now there is a much scarier future for advertising. Gladvertising has been described as (Wired UK 07/11 p36, Wired US 07/11 p48);

Gladvertising n. Outdoor advertising that uses cameras and facial recognition software to read a consumer’s mood, then pushes products relevant to the target’s emotional state.

The term has been coined here in the UK by The Centre for Future Studies which predicts that flat screen gladverts will begin to appear next year.

Questions to ask yourself

  • could this system be used to provide daily bible study notes tailored to the reader’s mood?
  • could this system be used to choose the music we listen to during worship?
  • could Gladvertising be a little bit too much like ‘Minority Report’ for our liking?
  • how long before the system recognises your age, gender and interests?
  • when will the first lawsuit be filed about the blurred line between online and offline privacy?
  • does you church even know this exists as a concept? – it’s closer than you imagine.


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