tailor your services by mind control?

Have you ever wondered the best way to tailor your services to meet the needs of the congregation?

Perhaps Neurosky‘s ‘mindwave’ headset (WIRED UK 07/11 p28) may be the way to monitor the levels of attention and relaxation of your audience during a preach or other parts of a service?

Neurosky claim that the mindwave measures brain wave activity with 96% of the precision of a standard electroencephalogram (EEG). The headset feeds back on how your brainwaves behave and apps such as Speed Math help you to train your brain.

Stanley Yang, Neurosky’s CEO says “it’s like a private tutor that understands your mind and gives you tasks that are tailor-made to your capabilities”.

Stanford University’s sleep lab is using the headset to pre-vet test subjects and the US olympic archery team uses it to get “in the zone” during training. At only £88 each it’s no wonder they have already sold one million units with an expected five million to ship in 2011.

I can see a number of great uses for the mindwave with my youth group  – perhaps the designers of Granny’s Bible Dojo (an app that helps you remember the books of the bible) can make a version for the mindwave?

I believe there is huge potential for this product in schools and Christians should not miss out on providing apps with a religious theme.

I think someone should buy a bunch of these and tour the country’s churches doing a piece of research that proves the ideal length for a sermon is 8 minutes (NB: this figure is based on my own experience and attention span).


How could Neurosky’s mindwave be used to research / tailor services?

Could the product be used with children to provide more interactive sunday school activities?

Can someone buy one for my Birthday (tomorrow) so I can look like OB1 in Revenge of the Sith?

How long will it be before they put these in your car-seat’s headrest so you know when you’re too tired to be driving?


  1. Provocative as always but…

    Ummm…the one we saw at Thinking Digital 2010 was more of a brain activity training device than a information input device. In other words, it could read your mind and you could therefore drive a car with it after a lot of training and even then not very accurately, but you couldn’t be taught to drive by it. It’s an output device rather than input device.


  2. Thanks for your comment Pete (@pmphillips),

    yes, despite the provacative post title, the mindwave could not actually be used to input anything to the user, it just monitors brainwave activity and gives an output based on levels of attention and relaxation. However, I do think there is scope to use this sort of equipment in research with congregations. Neurosky have already developed a starwars toy that uses your brainwaves for Jedi training exercises so I assume it could be developed in the future to drive cars or fighter jets like clint eastwood in the 1982 classic ‘Firefox’.

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