Creative Chaos #15


Greenbelt Fesitival starts this week with the 2011 theme ‘Dreams of Home’. I’m live VJing at a service on the Friday night (iMass) but we’ve also been asked to decorate a small tent around the theme so we’re creating a digital gallery. This picture was sent by Aniela (aged 11).


This is some of the advertising I have created for the iMass service



Festivals are always a great place for getting photos, here’s one I found from last year’s Greenbelt.


Greenbelt always has a great Logo, this year it uses a sort of teepee design.

Artistic Quote

This is possibly the most hilarious thing I have EVER seen… any designer in the world understands this, i want it on a t-shirt. (I will put it on a t-shirt, who wants one?)


The last of my three A-levels, I’ll do a few posts including ceramics… This week, Lucie Rie who I wrote my dissertation on.

TED talk

This week, Tim Brown speaks about creativity and play, recorded at the ‘serious play’ conference 2008 (27 mins)


The Nineties in one picture


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