Creative Chaos #14


I was in Edinburgh last week for the fringe festival and popped into a couple of art galleries. One of the artists I saw working was painting with a small palette knife and it reminded me of this painting of Paris I used as my desktop wallpaper a couple of years ago.


Keeping with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival theme, this is a photo of The Tempest  that I was stage managing. I also designed the set and lighting. Here, Ferdinand (played by my friend Ben who was in BBC’s MI High) is surrounded by Spirits with Prospero looking on from his cell. Check out Squeaky Door Productions for more details!


Lee Howell is a photographer we met at the Fringe, he took a couple of fantastic shots of Emma (who played Ariel) that seem to capture the atmosphere on the Royal Mile.

Steam Punk

Last week I mentioned a couple of films that use the steam punk aesthetic and it’s been brought to my attention that the latest reincarnation of The Three Musketeers does also. It’s a shame about Orlando Blooms hair as other wise it looks amazing.

here’s the trailer

Artistic Quote

I’ve had this on my wall at work for some time and people keep asking for a copy, so here it is.


Daniel Libeskind is one of all time favourite architects. While I was studying Interior Architecture, I visited the Jewish Museum in Berlin before they put any exhibits inside. The raw building was incredible to experience.


TED talk

This week, artist Vik Muniz showcases some of his work (the video was taken in 2003) while discussing creativity.


We had quite a lot of fun last week using Shakspearean insults that appear in The Tempest. The link below is for a website that randomly generates insult quotes from all of Shakespeare’s work. Enjoy, green faced loon.



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