Creative Chaos #13


If the full size bronze horses aren’t fabulous enough, the water jets making them look like they’re moving is inspired.


I can’t remember if i’ve used this picture already but i’m about to start some special weekend posts on specific topics and post apocalyptic art will be one of the first ones.


Danny Clinch has taken photos of many famous musicians. This image of Muse was used as part of an advertising campaign.

Steam Punk

A big part of the steampunk aesthetic is the weaponary. It has featured in a number of big budget movies such as Van Helsing and Hellboy. This picture shows a great example of a decorated nerf gun, a popular choice as starting point for steampunk weapon creations.

Artistic Quote

this week’s quote is from a great website called the amazing fact generator, please be aware that you may well waste a lot of time on here.


I’m in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival this week and I’m always excited to re-visit the museum of Scotland designed by Benson & Forsyth. This was one of the most fascinating buildings i studied for my degree and also holds a sentimental value as I asked my wife to marry me on the roof terrace looking out towards Edinburgh Castle.

TED talk

This week, artist Golan Levin discusses our use of technology to create interactive art.


The World Beard and Moustache championships are truly a sight to behold.

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