Creative Chaos #10


Not sure if this is art of just a child with a building fetish but I’m wondering where else this could be used?


matthew cusick makes incredible pictures using maps, do take a look at his website


This is quite a different take on the usual ‘Petra’ images that are on the tourist brochures, perhaps they are praying for the safe return of Indiana Jones?


meomi is one of those slightly odd websites but if you can work out how to navigate it then there is some wonderful work


Artistic Quote


Tadao Ando is the undisputed king of concrete. I did a project based on his work while studying interior arcitecture and still love the clean lines and truth to the material.

TED talk

This week’s TED talk is by JJ Abrams of TV and Film fame… he discusses what it is about ‘mystery’ that excites him

“mystery is the catalyst for imagination”



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