Creative Chaos #7


I love graffiti. Sadly I was always stayed above the law (unless sitting behind a speed camera in the dark with a old battery powered camera flash counts as being a public nuisence?) and never tried it but I would have used the tag ‘scribe’. Also being a comicbook character fan this piece stood out to me.


This makes so much sense, particularly for Mac users who seem to be a few USB ports short of a party.


This has been going round the internet for a few years. I aim to have this sort of photoshop capability at some point in my life.


Florian Ritter introduces his work in the follow way on the website…


I find the futuristic sets of movies like blade runner and total recall fascinating and lately i’ve found a whole load of illustartions in the same vein. This example is a bit less dark than both of those movies and I love the multicultural feel and the light and everything.

Artistic Quote

what’s your dream?


We’re heading off to an old travelling salesman’s caravan for our wedding anniversary this weekend but this pipe hotel in Austria takes bizarre accomodation to a whole new level.


one for those who have 80s songs as the default in their heads.

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