Creative Chaos #6


at the beginning of last week I attended the Church and Media network conference. I was part of a small team who made a short visioning film about gaming as part of the conference ‘academy’. Another member of the team was Ralph Mann, an artist and graphic illustrator / designer who produces fantastic work thats helping the church communicate creatively. This is a piece that Ralph had on postcards he was handing out illustrating the Holy Spirit burting out from the church, more of his work can be found here


FORM follows FUNCTION right? over the years, Alessi have toyed with this notion and created a vast range of products that are playful yet functional.


I can’t remember where I found this picture, most likely during a late evening stumble upon. I love how the artist has managed to use something as bland as nails to portray one of the wonders of the universe.


Underwater Photography produces some of the most incredible work. Nicholas Samaras is one of the best underwater photographers int he world.


I have currently got a number of illustrations on Scripture Union’s online SUbmerge material.

Artistic Quote

I’m all about leaving a trail…


back to the form follows function idea… this is the library in Kansas City.



so true.

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