Creative Chaos #2

Noahs Nanny Goat

this week sees the start of Noahs Nanny Goat Productions tour of ‘Bible on a Washing Line


this week i’ve chosen a piece by Ferry Staverman ‘A Space Odysey’, isn’t it amazing what can be done with paper… perhaps i’ll add an origami section to the blog at some point.


Whilst studying for my ceramics A-Level, i fell in love with the work of Lucie Rie and ended up writing my dissertation about her work.other images can be seen on this google search


I’ve not encountered many artists (particulalry illustrators) who do not have some sort of geeky streak in them. Coran ‘Keiser’ Stone has done some fantastic work using and mixing various characters from children’s literature, movies and cartoons.


Along with ceramics, i had the pleasure of doing a photography A-Level. There are so many amazing photographers in the world and blogs that are specific about particular genres of the art. this week i have chosen a picture by Ansel Adams, who famously worked in Black and White throughout the twentieth century until his death in 1984.

Children’s Literature Illustration

Dave McKean is a dark and brilliant illustrator. He has collaborated with Neil Gaiman (of Stardust fame, and he also wrote last week’s Dr. Who episode) on a number of projects including ‘The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish‘.

Artistic Quote

now, don’t go and do anything too rash…


one for the office wall…

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