Creative Chaos #1

Noahs Nanny Goat

there will most likely be something in each post about my company ‘Noahs Nanny Goat’, today – just a link to the website.


there are so many great pieces of art out there, it’s difficult to choose one for my first post… having studied photography, art, graphics, ceramics and architecture among other things, this section will be deliberately diverse. I love this Banksy.


similarly to the ‘art’ section of each post, a diverse range of crafts can influence you creatively…


as I trawl the web for amusing and creative content, I often find pictures that catch my eye. I use evernote to clip them off the web and I’ll share them here. The style of a picture can often be used to inform design decisions, I guess that’s why I have an ever-growing collection of postcards.


I have a collection of underused cameras at home. I have always enjoyed capturing images on film and now digitally, but I really should make better use of the equipment I have. This section will showcase photography work from a range of people, including prolific flickr users such as my good friend Seymour. Below is one of my favourites that Seymour took on an Asahi Pentax S3.

Children’s Literature Illustration

There is a whole world out there that unless you have kids or babysit for others, you may be missing out on entirely. The world of children’s literature illustration is truly wonderful and should be engaged with by a much wider audience than just the youngsters the stories are written for. One of my favourite kids lit illustrators at the minute is Oliver Jeffers who has written and illustrated a number of books including ‘the incredible book eating boy’.

Artistic Quote

There seems to have been a resourgance in using type in pieces of art work. I’ll share some of the pieces i’ve found here.


I think it is always good to finish on a humourous note and here I will share the sort of thing that gets sent round office emails with a little snigger. this one is for anyone who has ever been called on as being ‘good with computers’.

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